Soul cord

We are all attached with energetic cords in some way or another. I have been blessed with the ability to see psychic cord attachments and also the soul life cords that envelop it and reach out to the hundreds of soul family connections. Being energetically attached to someone you love and care about, family ties or long-term friendships, whether they be loving and supportive or challenging is part of the game. But what if you have someone that has come into your life as part of your soul family to teach you self-love through challenge and hurt? What do you do then? Bearing in mind, that you wrote your life script with that person and everyone agreed to participate in whatever life drama you played out together, you also have the power and the ability to make it stop by severing those energetic cords causing you discomfort. Everyone we invite into our life, even on the most miniscule level, wraps their energetic cords around you. Some just for a few seconds and then floating off, others sticking like gum on your shoe. Having made that statement, just a heads up to keep in mind that anytime you are intimate with someone, they leave a part of their energy with you and take some of yours. With that being said, it is always advisable to be very selective who you share your intimacy with.
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From the shamanic world view when we are intimately connected to another, our energy bodies start to blend together and filaments from our light bodies entwine together.
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Introduction to the cord-cutting meditation

How do I know these intimate details like your son needs to be comforted immediately or he will have a fit but your daughter needs 10 minutes alone to calm down? I have learned to read and understand the energy cords that exist between people. One way we can preserve our own energetic and physical health, as well as the health of our relationships, is by learning about energy cords. Energy cords sometimes called ethereal or etheric cords are connective tubes that allow the transmission of information, energy and emotion between spirits. Cords are often not visible to most people, yet, with training to visually see the aura and chakra system, it is possible to see them visually. Most people feel the cords. We can not be corded unless we have given permission consciously or unconsciously for the cord to be there. Chakras are energy centers which look like wheels located throughout the body. There are 7 main chakras located along the spine—from the base to the top of the head. We also have many smaller chakras which make up the accupressure or accupuncture points.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Add to fav. Practicing the cord-cutting meditation regularly can completely heal you physically, repair you energetically, change your relationships and improve your overall well-being. When you have some kind of attachment to another person, an energetic cord can form between you. These energy cords can become a huge drag, particularly when they hold negative energy. If you have a cord attachment to someone you judge, resent or need to forgive, these cords can bring you down big time. In fact, many of these energetic cords likely lead to people you care for very deeply. For instance, maybe you have an awesome friendship but you know you depend a little too much on this person. Cut the cord and restore health and ease to the relationship! For the practice of cord-cutting, you sit comfortably, close your eyes, slow your breathing and get into a meditative state. I like to invite in Archangel Michael, the protector, a powerful angelic being who carries a huge golden sword.

Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash. When I shared the link on social media, it got quite a lot of interest! After all, the whole point was that far more people are sensitive to energy than are willing to talk about it, while energy healers are totally familiar with these common phenomena and can help you when they get to be bothersome. Typically, the quality and apparent location of the cords will reflect the type of connection you have or had.

People who are in love will have cords connecting their heart chakras. If you have a sexual relationship, the lower chakras will be connected. Emotional connections tend to be in the second chakra as well. Cords can reflect the nature of our relationships in other ways, too. As I went to remove a cord from her throat chakra, it gave me the sense almost as if it were wrapped around her throat, trying to choke her. I asked my client whether her former partner often tried to silence her or if they had difficulty accepting some of the things she said.

My client confirmed that this was the case. Removing a cord like that can help a person to forgive their ex for any pain the experience caused, and help the client to move on more easily. If you read the last post, I talked about how past experiences can leave energetic imprints on us. Cords are a variation of that.

As you can see, cords can be positive or detrimental. This is why cord-cutting meditations and healing sessions are so important following a break-up or divorce. I first learned to do this from a life coach named Kathryn Alice. Even the best relationships have less-than-awesome dynamics sometimes. By scanning your energy field for these types of cords and removing them gently, it can help in multiple ways.

Second, it clears space for finding new ways to resolve issues - like getting to the root of old fears or finding a solution to that recurring fight. This is especially important for people who are very empathic and struggle to separate their own feelings from those of others. It might even make them reach out to you. If this happens, please do not assume it means you should reunite with that person. Annoying but true: Sometimes, multiple cord-cuttings are necessary. Certainly this is true for when we do cord-cuttings in our current relationships.

Maybe because you ran into that person, texted them, or even just thought about them a lot. Such is the nature of energy! If you want to give this a try yourself, I created a self-healing cord-cutting meditation that you can access here. It can be used for any kind of relationship including partners, friends, parents, siblings, etc. The meditation is set up to be used with loving intentions that will benefit all involved. Healing sessions are also a great way to clear those cords! Like giving yourself a massage, self-healing meditations are helpful.

But sometimes you get better results when you can sit back and hand the work over to a pro. Soul's Mission Energy Healing. That issue is relationship cords. What do you mean by cords?

Why it helps to cord-cut after a breakup As you can see, cords can be positive or detrimental. Cords can reattach Annoying but true: Sometimes, multiple cord-cuttings are necessary. Cord-cutting meditation If you want to give this a try yourself, I created a self-healing cord-cutting meditation that you can access here. Mary Schlaphoff January 7, healing , energy , healer , reiki , relationships , divorce , breakup. Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr 0 Likes.

Mary Schlaphoff March 13, healing, energy, reiki, energy healing, intuition, astrology, psychic, empath, podcast. Paul, chi, chakras, empath, entities.

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